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    Award Winners and Runners-up of the award of the Z 2019

    Award winner


    MEMOTEC GmbH & Co. KG
    Rotations-Hub-Modul (RHM) - 360° freedom at every point

    Compact and robust, and simultaneously exceptionally accurate, flexible, and fast: that is a great description of MEMOTEC's new Rotations-Hub-Modul! It is integrated into a machine or plant and performs precise rotary, up and down movements. Tool-free format changes and 360-degree machining freedom are par for the course.

    This will benefit many industries. The module can be used wherever parts need to be joined, picked up and set down, closed or screwed - be it in the food, packaging, pharmaceutical or automotive industries.

    According to the jury, it is precisely this mode of operation and the broad range of applications that make it ideal for demand-oriented production. As a result, not only can customers' high quality demands be met, but also changing requirements, such as decreasing batch sizes or an increasing product variety.

    Previously, different modules had to be combined with each other for similar work. MEMOTEC's latest development allows many steps to be carried out with a single module. The Rotations-Hub-Modul is simpler, faster and safer. Moreover, it proves that the path to Industry 4.0 is also shaped by smaller companies. This in turn promotes export and makes new jobs possible. This is why MEMOTEC has earned the first prize of the Supplier Fair Z 2019!

    2nd position


    SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH
    Goodbye, welding splatter - Clean Welding by SITEC

    'Clean Welding' by SITEC is a laser welding method done in vacuum.

    The outstanding quality of this process excels due to its virtually weld spatter-free and pore-free weld seam. Reworking, i.e. additional brushing of the welding seams, is no longer necessary with this process. Furthermore, SITEC's innovation is excellent in terms of efficiency. Laser welding in a vacuum allows significantly higher welding depths to be achieved with the same laser power. This invention is particularly suitable for the welding of rotationally symmetrical components and is widely used in automotive engineering, for the production of drives, axles and transmissions, which is why it was awarded second place.

    3rd position


    Heiche Oberflächentechnik GmbH
    Advanced internal passivation of aluminium heat exchange cooler for e-mobility

    The fuel cell puts forth a future-oriented alternative to electric vehicles that run purely on batteries. To enable their use, additional components must be adapted to this technology, as the fuel cell can only be used in an overall system with other components.

    This is why Heiche Oberflächentechnik GmbH has made a decisive contribution with its development of a solution for the required heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are usually made of aluminium. Use in vehicles with fuel cells presents a particular challenge, in that the coolant needs to meet strict purity requirements, which in turn places high demands on the properties of the aluminium surface inside the heat exchanger.

    The company has succeeded in developing a passivation layer that meets all the user's specifications. This is particularly remarkable because the process is very ecological and the passivation layer has proven to have a high long-term stability. As a chemical company, Heiche Oberflächentechnik GmbH is certified according to ISO 14001 (environmental management system), ISO 5001 (energy management system) and TS 16949 (automotive standard), all of which speaks to the sustainability of the developed technology and shows that chemical processes can also be developed and implemented in Germany.

    Sponsors und Partners


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