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    Award of Z 2021: The contest has started

    Entry forms for your participation

    All exhibitors and co-exhibitors of the Z 2021 may submit an application for the Award of Z 2019.


    • Level of novelty (novelty resp. significant improvement of products, processes or services)
    • Impact of the innovation (noticeable quality improvement, increase of productivity, better cost and resource efficiency etc.)
    • Economic potential (economic effects by new fields of application, new marketing concept)

    Purse: EUR 5,000

    Application for Award of Z 2021 (181.2 kB)button image


    The application phase of the competition is professionally supported and supervised by the Dresden Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Alexander Reichel.

    Registration deadline:

    8 January 2021


    Project team Z:

    Dr. Sigrid Richter
    Tel.: +49 341 678-8096
    E-Mail: s.richter@leipziger-messe.de

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