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    Product profile

    The international venue for suppliers and subcontractors

    The Z - Subcontracting focuses on supply and subcontracting services for the automotive and vehicle industry, for plant, machinery and tool construction and other industrial areas.

    1. Parts and components

    • Industrial connecting and securing elements
    • Components, construction, apparatures, containers
    • Casting parts
    • Sintered parts
    • Chiplessly machined metal parts, chipless metal part manufacture
    • Machined parts, machining of metal components
    • Tagger and wire parts
    • Parts from plastic and rubber
    • Parts from reinforced plastics and other composites
    • Supply parts from other materials

    2. Joining, connecting and assembly processes

    • Joining processes
    • Connecting, assembly, cleaning
    • Materials handling and assembly technology
    • Mechatronic systems and components

    3. Materials and semi-finished products

    • Metal materials and semi-finished products
    • Goods and semi-finished products from plastics
    • Other non-metal materials and semi-finished products

    4. Processes as technological supply performance

    • Casting and moulding methods
    • Forging
    • Sintering
    • Surface processing and finishing
    • Plastics processing, plastics machining
    • Rapid Prototyping, generative processes
    • Other Processes

    5. Tools, equipment for manufacturing supply parts and modules

    • Manual and machine tools
    • Components for vacuum technology, compressed air technology and hydraulics
    • Plastic and rubber processing technology
    • Factory equipment and maintenance
    • Recycling technology

    6. Electrical / electronic equipment – individual parts, components, manufacturing, finishing, assembly and test processes

    • Component processing
    • Parts wiring and assembly
    • Tests, approval tests
    • Tests, approval tests

    7. Industrial Services

    • Development, construction
    • Vendor services
    • Packaging, furnishing, warehousing, logistics
    • IT/Software for vendors
    • Tests, inspections, analysis techniques
    • Industrial construction
    • Occupational safety and environmental protection
    • Energy services
    • Other industrial services

    8. Information, organisation, consulting

    • Documentation, information
    • Organisations, consulting companies, associations

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    Phone: +49 341 678-8218


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